Experiencewhat I’ve done so far

Work History

October 2023 - Present
Wellington, New Zealand

Senior Front-end Developer (contract)

May 2022 - October 2023
Sydney, Australia (remote)

Senior Front-end Developer

I work as part of a distributed team across multiple timezones within the Customer Tribe at Pet Circle. Our main focus is the conversion of occasional shoppers into returning customers via an Auto Delivery service.

The E-commerce platform uses a variety of technologies, including Preact. CI/CD consists of a combination of Jenkins and GitHub Actions. The stack runs on Google Cloud Platform.

SEO and conversion metrics are very important. Google Optimize and Tag Manager are used to great effect to perform A/B experiments and pick the best outcomes for the business.

One of my own objectives has been mentoring team members on good SDLC practices and continuous improvement - breaking stories down into small, releasable chunks, writing testable code and focusing on a WIP limit.

June 2019 - April 2022
Wellington, New Zealand

Senior Front-end Developer (contract/permanent)

I worked as a Senior Front-end Developer in an agile team at BNZ Digital, where I started on contract and then switched to permanent employment.

The technology stack included, amongst others, React, Cypress, OpenShift and AWS. The CI/CD tool was Jenkins.

My team was involved in the development and maintenance of a bespoke React/Redux/RxJS form rendering library used across multiple projects at BNZ. This library, along with a supporting API, enabled Marketing and Sales, and even other delivery teams, to quickly and easily create, publish and maintain customer and staff facing forms across both public and authenticated channels.


My team delivered a front-end React application hosted as an Amazon S3 static site. This single page application formed part of a larger project required to meet the obligations of new lending and borrowing legislation (CCCFA). We were able to deliver in advance of the delivery date, which in turn helped BNZ be compliant well before the government deadline.

July 2018 - June 2019
Wellington, New Zealand

Full-stack Developer (contract)

I worked at the Department of Internal Affairs, on behalf of Accenture, where the tech stack included Angular (7), Java Spring Boot, Node.js and MongoDB running in Azure.

As part of a digital delivery team, I was involved in several core services provided to the NZ public. These included online marriage licence applications, certificate ordering, including birth, marriage, death, and a citizenship pilot. Project work involved integrations with Payment Express (PxPay), RealMe and other custom backend systems.

September 2017 - July 2018
Wellington, New Zealand

Full-stack Engineer

I joined Stuff (Fairfax Media) as a Full-Stack Engineer in September 2017 and worked in a team focused on building a new curation tool to satisfy several specific editorial tasks.

The application was written in Typescript using Angular and the Angular Material Framework (including Jasmine Unit tests and Protractor E2E tests), served via a Node.js back-end, which interfaced with various Stuff APIs, while deployed in a Docker container on AWS infrastructure. CI/CD and deployment happened as part of a Concourse pipeline.

I also worked on an integration with IBM Watson NLU to enable content categorisation via keywords/entities, which was then ingested into an Elasticsearch database and used in a “Related Content” service.

April 2016 - June 2017
Wellington, New Zealand

JavaScript Developer (contract)

I completed a contract assignment with Fairfax Media as a JavaScript Developer in one of the Wellington-based development teams.

I was closely involved in the implementation of a new React-based front-end for the Stuff.co.nz news site article pages. The application, including the back-end interfaces like GraphQL, was served via Express in a Node.js runtime.

Other projects included the implementation of an implicit flow client-side OpenID Connect login, as well as integrating the Nativform (FFX Native platform) advertising SDK.

June 2014 - March 2016
Wellington, New Zealand

Front-end Developer

I worked as a UI Developer at Westpac NZ, where I was involved in various projects, including Direct from Account™, Westpac Exchange™ and Westpac One®.

The server-side development environment was Java, while the client-side was built using a variety of JavaScript technologies and frameworks, most notably Backbone, Marionette, Underscore, RequireJS, AngularJS, SCSS, and, during development, Node.js.

Build and Testing tools included Grunt, Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Cucumber, Jasmine and Karma.

January 2013 - April 2014
Auckland, New Zealand

Senior Java Developer

I was employed as a Java Developer at EROAD, New Zealand’s leading transport technology and services company. I worked in an Agile environment developing and unit testing enhancements, which involved user interfaces, web services and back-end integrations for EROAD’s cloud-based SaaS application.

The development environment was Java, and frameworks and technologies included Spring MVC, JSP, JQuery, RESTful web services over HTTP, JAX-WS/JAXB web services over SOAP,Hibernate and PostgreSQL.

I mainly functioned within the Tax and Localisation team, which included the GIS and mapping layer.


I worked alongside members of the hardware team on the implementation of a RESTful JSON communication protocol over HTTP for the 2nd Generation Onboard Units.

July 2011 - December 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand

Software Developer

I worked as a Software Developer at the New Zealand campus of Rockwell Automation. I functioned within an agile team developing user interface elements as well as web services and back-end integrations for a performance management platform (PPM) used in a variety of industries worldwide. The deployment of this multi-tier application consisted of a web environment (Tomcat & JBoss), on the Java EE technology stack.

The development environment was Java, utilising third-party technologies such as GWT, to deliver a rich user experience.


I was involved in a major overhaul of the UI for the PPM System, which, amongst other tasks, included the implementation of a WYSIWYG editor inside GWT. I worked with my team in New Zealand alongside teams in the US and China to re-build the data collection component.

November 2008 - April 2011
Cape Town, South Africa

Software Engineer

I worked as a Software Engineer at the Cape Town office of Quirk developing Java (Java EE) web-based applications to client specifications within specified deadlines. Projects included SEO optimised websites and mobile websites, custom-built CMS solutions, Facebook Applications, integrations with Twitter and other 3rd party APIs, RSS Feeds (both generating and parsing).

The development environment was Java, utilising the MVC WebWork framework and Freemarker Template engine, backed by Spring, MySQL and Hibernate.

Other duties included maintenance and support of existing applications, interfacing with clients regularly for presentations and training, the compilation of client-facing documentation where required and performing on-call server monitoring.


I integrated an open-source mobile framework (WURFL) into the Quirk software stack which enabled the development of mobile client solutions. I converted Google’s server-side JSP tracking code to fit into the Quirk stack and WebWork framework.

I developed a live tracking solution of a colleague’s mountain bike race via GPS, Vodacom API and Google Maps API.

February 2008 - October 2008
Cape Town, South Africa

Java Developer

I worked as part of a team that developed Java ME applications for embedded systems. I was also involved with the server-side software and mobile sites supporting the download and installation thereof. Other duties included maintenance of existing software.

December 1997 - January 2006
South African Airways
Cape Town & Johannesburg, South Africa

Flight Attendant


2006 - 2007
Cape Town, South Africa

Comprehensive Programming

Java SE/EE;
Linux Red Hat;
Processing and Logic concepts;
Program Design;
Software Engineering;
Relational Database & Modelling Design;
SQL Server 2000;
Linux Administration;